Short Term Missions

RCF 2018 Summer in Review

Because children’s ministries are such a large part of what we do, the summer is always an extremely busy and chaotic part of our yearly cycle. Typically, we host multiple short-term missionary teams and minister in multiple cities. It is often a stream of activities that both seems to never end and finishes before [...]

Mladice Carnival in Capraške Poljane by RCF Intern Rebekah

This is a blog post from our summer 2018 intern, Rebekah Parker. You can find the original at the following link:

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The Romanians among the Roma

How would you respond if in your town, in your settlement, or in your street came people from another country and they speak the language of their country and you can almost fully understand them! Probably you would be excited and thrilled because you could talk with these people in your mother tongue. That's exactly [...]

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