History of the Roma Christian Fellowship

The Roma Christian Fellowship was created in 2017 by Andy & Lim Warner and Sergej & Željka Radošević. It is based in Slavonski Brod, Croatia and ministers to the Romani people, primarily in eastern Croatia. The ultimate goal of RCF is to plant Christian fellowships among the Romani people that transform individual lives and entire communities.

After years of work in the Roma village of Slavonski Brod, the ministry began to expand into other villages of Croatia, most notably in Sisak. As this occurred there was a need for a consistent organizational presence that was dedicated to the principles of:

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ as the primary means for spiritual and communal transformation;
  • A commitment to the essentials of the historic, Protestant Christian faith while avoiding extremes;
  • A commitment to establishing an ongoing and significant presence in the communities in which we serve.

Based upon these needs and principles, the Roma Christian Fellowship was birthed. We are always seeking to join with other like-minded people who wish to give of themselves to see Romani lives and communities transformed by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Commitments of the Roma Christian Fellowship

As RCF is a very young and small organization, it is slowly creating its identity. Currently, we have begun to define the organization by establishing three sets of fundamental commitments, our commitments in ministry, fellowship, and faith.

With regards to ministry, RCF is committed to a presence in the community and lives of those to whom we minister, the proclamation of the Gospel in all we do, and provision to those in need as God provides.

With regards to the fellowship of members and planted churches, RCF is committed to living in the truth, abiding in Jesus Christ, and grace-filled unity.

With regards to our essentials in the Christian faith, RCF is committed to the inerrant Word of God, the Trinity, the unique person and work of Jesus Christ, and the nature and necessity of the Gospel.

RCF Ministries

The ministry programs of the Roma Christian Fellowship serve as a platform to enter into the communities and sacrificially share the love of Christ. Our prayer is that, in a very real way, these ministries are only a starting point in forming relationships that last and impact lives. As the Lord gives us the ability, we take a “holistic” view of ministry, ministering both spiritually and practically community-wide and across all generations.

Klema Clubs provide ongoing bible clubs to children and youth from preschool aged through teen aged. Our Klema Club program consists of two branches, the Mladice Clubs for young children and our Tween Clubs for young teens. A core emphasis is teaching through the bible over approximately two years.

Klema Carnivals are yearly, summer ministry events that bring four days of bible themed activities and fun for all of the children of a village. These are large and highly visible outdoor programs that help to publicly introduce and establish our ministry to a village.

Klema Camps are yearly, multi-night camps at a remote location for the participants of our Tween Clubs. A camp is a concentrated time to encourage youth to ponder what they have learned in their clubs and to make changes and decisions in their lives.

Klema Fellowships is RCF’s family bible study and home-based fellowship program. We pray that these home fellowships will combine and blossom into a worshipful and serving church within the communities.

RCF’s Helping Ministry program provides physical and social helps to the communities as the Lord gives us the ability. This has included improving deficient buildings to provide warm and dry family homes, providing firewood, a prototype preschool program, and food help.

Lutke Nade (Puppets of Hope) is a summer, traveling puppet ministry. It brings a unique, chalk-drawn bible story, songs, magic tricks, and, of course puppets to the children of many Romani villages in Croatia.

Google Earth Tour of RCF Ministry Locations

Take a narrated Google Earth trip from Washington, DC to Croatia. Learn a little about the country of Croatia, the city of Slavonski Brod, and the villages where RCF ministers.

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