A few weeks ago, one mother told us that it would be good if we could organize a preschool program that we had two years ago because that program helped her child a lot.

We were encouraged by those words and from the 24th to the 26th of August we organized a preschool program for kids who are about to go in the 1st grade.

Every day, we started the preschool program with a prayer and a song: ‘If I were a colorful butterfly’. We taught kids this song to remind them that we need to be thankful to the Lord for creating us as we are. Kids really loved the song!

Every day we learned one letter. So in three days, we learned letters, L, V, R. We showed the kids objects that starting with those letters, kids had a task to write a letter on the whiteboard, to create those letters from playdough and kids practiced to write the letter in their notebooks.

Every day at break time we ate something that is connected with the letter that we were learning. watermelon (L as lubenica), vanilla ice-cream (V as vanilla), tomato (R as rajčica) sandwich with tomato.

Then we practiced numbers. A majority of the kids knew how to count to ten, but they did not recognize the numbers. We tried to teach them what the numbers look like. For those kids that already knew the numbers, we used Legos to practice counting.

At the end of the program, we had a craft and we tried to give them a simple task where they could color, glue, cut and all that they will need to do in school in the future.

On the last day, at the end of the program we gave to each child a diploma and a gift, and we gave them a school bag and sweets. They were so happy!

The kids that came to this preschool program were babies when we started our ministry in the village. They were so young that they would sit in their moms’ laps and watch the kid’s Bible club from a distance. Now they are growing up, but still so small. Now they are entering a new period of life. We are rejoicing with them and praying for them!

Thank you to all of you for praying for us during this program.

Thank you to the local Baptist church to allows us to use their building for this program.

Jennifer Coll, we are waiting for you next year! ;)