Early in the summer of 2017, the Roma Christian Fellowship reach a milestone. The New Testament portion of RCF’s Unified Curriculum was completed and taught to about 80 people!

The Unified Curriculum teaches the Bible across three generational tracks (child, teen/tween, and adult), primarily using an evangelistic, historical narrative approach that also stresses carefully chosen theological concepts.

Years of experience teaching the Bible in a Roma context was used to tailor the curriculum to engage the learner and to be easily understandable.

Storyboard from our children’s curriculum.

With an objective of teaching through the Bible narrative in about two years, 13 key New Testament stories were selected, with a similar number being expected for the upcoming Old Testament curriculum. Repetition and review are stressed, with review lessons scattered throughout the curriculum.

These key stories were woven together to provide a strong sense of cohesion and literary movement.  A distinctive is the avoidance of relying on “loaded” theological terms, instead opting to explain the concepts using easily digestible language. Where beneficial, theological words are introduced and defined in the story.

The Unified Curriculum is designed to be used concurrently across three generations within a single Roma community (child, teen/tween, and adult). The same set of Bible stories are used for all ages, while the concepts and depth are adjusted for each age range.

A tween/teen Bible study.

In the case of RCF’s work in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, the curriculum was used to teach the redemptive story of the New Testament through our Klema Bible Clubs to children and tween/teens while at the same time using it for our family home Bible studies. It was such a joy to experience around 80 people from three generations simultaneously learning about God’s love for this world through the Bible narrative!

Home were we have a family Bible study.

Next we will begin development of the Old Testament curriculum. Our desire is to reach a level of quality and completeness that allows us to use and distribute the Unified Curriculum in bringing the Biblical message of God’s love and salvation to many Roma communities.

Please pray for the Roma Christian Fellowship and its workers as we work towards this goal!