Give the Ministry Center from the USA

To send a tax deductible gift towards the Ministry Center, please choose from the following 2 options.

If you already give to Andy and Lim Warner, you may simply increase your normal gift by the amount you want to give towards the Ministry Center and the inform us using the form at the bottom of this webpage.

Funds will be drawn as salary by Andy and Lim Warner and used towards the Ministry Center project.

The funds will go directly into the Warner’s Pioneers-USA personal support account.

 Online: >>Click here<< to give online through Pioneers-USA.

A name of Andy and Lim Warner and project code of #110749 will be automatically filled into the webpage.

 Via Mail: >>Click here<< to download a form which can be used to give via mail through Pioneers-USA.

Please print the form, fill out, and mail along with your check to Pioneers at the provided address.

To send a gift that is not tax deductible towards the Ministry Center, please see the following instructions.

The funds will go directly into the Warner’s PayPal or Bank account.

 Online: >>Click here<< to give online using PayPal.

Please let us know of your intention to support RCF

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